The beauty technology team long research and development, and constantly challenge the development of more effective to enhance the moisturizing ingredients, and ultimately the essence of the release version. Access to all the celebrities favorite, and its support is the mask of precious ingredients, including from the French natural deep sea gold algae essence, truffle extract, roe essence ... and so on.
After nearly a year of research and development research, gave birth to the accumulation of sun and the moon essence of the "Abysse Golden Algae moisturizing inverse effect of the face mask" effective for the skin moisturizing lock water, slow down the skin aging, restore elastic multi-functional skin products.
Natural Golden Algae Essence

Skin easily due to age and sunlight and other reasons will accelerate the aging of the skin, loss of elasticity that is wrinkles. If the seaweed from the extraction of anti-aging substances added to the skin care products, can be effective anti-aging.

"Golden Algae" can be used in the human skin can repair and protect the skin, but also give the skin effective water protection, so that the skin layer of collagen vitality, to maintain skin elasticity, dilute, smooth wrinkles, prevent skin aging.

Roe essence

Sturgeon eggs refined out of the roe essence, rich in vitamins A, E and amino acids, peptides, trace elements and other nourishing ingredients, with good anti-aging, revitalizing, moisturizing, soothing and so on, effectively enhance the skin repair Force and moisture, conditioning skin texture, and can appease the skin discomfort skin condition.

Roe in the peptide protein, with excellent repair effect, after repeated use to regain healthy uniform skin.

Truffle essence

Truffles can not only make delicious food, but also can be used as beauty anti-aging ingredients. Truffle extract essence is rich in nerve amide, which is rich in skin repair factor, to reduce the wrinkle delay aging effect is excellent, and increase the skin water and defense force, so that the skin to restore flexibility and glossy.

Cactus Essence

Cactus in the harsh and dry environment, not afraid of the sun and the temperature of drought, with excellent defensive ability to repair. These ingredients are helpful to promote the skin to achieve a good self-discipline and repair function, to regain the skin that some tight shells.

Golden Lotus essence

Trollius in the active molecules, can improve the skin due to stress and work is not normal and free radical active dull, while increasing oxygen content, improve brightness and can dilute the face fine lines.