Skincare Q&A

Kindly find the reference to the natural ingredients and product usage of Abysse, which we were asked frequently.
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Q1. What is the ingredients of Abysse?

"Golden Algae" The use of human skin can repair human cells and protect the integrity of DNA cells, and can withstand ultraviolet UVB irradiation, but also can effectively inhibit the sunburn cells to reduce inflammation to give the skin effective water protection, the skin layer of collagen vitality, Maintain skin elasticity, dilute, smooth wrinkles, prevent skin aging.

"Truffle extract" Truffles can not only make delicious food, but also can be used as beauty anti-aging ingredients. Truffle extract essence is rich in nerve amide, which is rich in skin repair factor, to reduce wrinkle delay aging effect is excellent, and increase the skin water and defense force, so that the skin to restore flexibility and glossy.

"Roe extract" Sturgeon eggs refined out of the roe essence, rich in vitamins A, E and amino acids, peptides, trace elements and other nourishing ingredients, with good anti-aging, revitalizing, moisturizing, soothing and so on, effectively enhance the skin Repair and moisture content, conditioning skin texture, and can ease the susceptible to stimulate the skin condition. Roe in the peptide protein and regeneration factor, with excellent repair effect, after repeated use to regain healthy uniform skin.

"Five peptides" Five amino acid molecules of pure microprotein, the active ingredient can promote collagen and elastin synthesis, reconstruction of skin tissue, strengthen the skin, increase the degree of tightness and flexibility, to avoid the lines.

"Hyaluronic acid" There is an important component of moisturizing in the dermis of the human skin, its content will decrease with age, resulting in dry skin dry and aging, wrinkles, rough dull and uneven skin color and other issues, hyaluronic acid not only to keep the skin Elastic function, but also to lock a lot of water molecules, the organization has a moisturizing and lubricating effect.

Q2. What is the effect?
The use of Abysse products can improve skin dullness and also help to delay aging; This product can make the skin firm and supple evenly, restore the young healthy muscle age.
Q3. Does it contain harmful chemicals?

Abysse products are through the layers of checks and testing, all ingredients are in compliance with laws and regulations.

Q4. Can it serve allergic skin?

If the skin has been allergic, and that let the skin rest, what maintenance are not to use, wait for the skin back to the best condition, and then start using Abysseproducts.

Q5. Why if there will be red, swollen or itching?

There is such a situation, there may be the user's skin is more water or face a small wound, if in this case the use of products, more prone to uncomfortable (red, swollen or itching) problems.

Each person on the mask composition of the acceptance and sensitivity are different, if the mask after the feeling of discomfort, it is recommended to shorten the time to apply the mask, until the skin condition and then stretch the mask maintenance time course.

Q6. How can I use it every day? Why apply a mask?

Because the essence of the mask contained in the ingredients are helpful to the skin care, attaining, because it is full face cover, the surface temperature increases, the pores open, can help the penetration of active ingredients to achieve better Maintenance effect.

Attaining the time, most users like to apply to the mask to get rid of it. In fact, we do not need more than half an hour, generally recommended in the 15~20 minutes, then you can make the active ingredient and skin to achieve the effect of maintenance, deposited too long can cause fragile skin allergies.

Q7. Should I wash the mask essence off? Does it contain acid whitening ingredients?

Is not washed off, it is recommended that the remaining essence can be used with the emulsion massage the face to make the skin more absorbed.

It contains acid whitening ingredients, and the caviar extract is to help the skin more bright and bright white, the general recommended twice a week, but still for each person's skin to do the deployment.

Q8. How can I get the best effect of the mask?

Election on the time: after getting up, before going to bed, bath when the mask, because in these three time points to use, the strongest absorption of the skin.

Clean and wash: apply mask before the removal of horny and dirty, the dirt on the face clean and clean. To enhance the absorption of the skin. After washing the face, in a little state of water deposited on the mask, this time the stratum corneum more full, absorbed     The effect will be very good.

Q9. How is the mask paper quality?

Abysse choose the lock water strong paper and it can fill the essence of the liquid evenly distributed in the mask paper above, this cloth is called wood pulp silk is made of pulp fiber, the advantage is to save the essence of the required dose, but also have sufficient Response to water retention.

Q10. Will the emergence of falling off happen after the use of mask?

Maybe the skin of the skin of the consumer is slightly hypertrophy. It is recommended to use at least one exfoliating product once a week.

After the application of the mask, when the skin has not yet absorbed, and then coated with a maintenance program. And for the resulting drop of the situation, we suggest a slight patience to tap to absorb.

Some people's skin is relatively dry, which will cause the rapid absorption can not lead to the production of chips, So need to pay more attention to moisturizing maintenance.

Abysse Mask ingredients in the golden algae have softened horny effect, it is recommended to exfoliate and then use Abysse mask, will absorb faster yo!

Q11. Do you want to use the last one in the program?

Mainly to be adjusted for your skin, it is recommended that you can refer to the maintenance procedures provided: make-up water after rubbing to the essence of milk, massage the face to strengthen the absorption, if there is a need to strengthen the place, and then the existing Skin care products.