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Dear Clients, Welcome to www.abyssebeauty.com.hk. To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience and to protect your interests, we have set out the following terms of use to make you more aware of our expectations of both parties. Please note that when you visit www.abyssebeauty.com.hk on any web page, you accept and comply with these terms. We also recommend that you read our Privacy Policy Statement carefully. Gimmick House Concept Ltd. owns the right of operation of Abysse Beauty. Any terms of use relating to www.abyssebeauty.com.hk also apply to Gimmick House Concept Ltd., its employees and affiliates. The Law Gimmick House Concept Ltd. is a company organized under the laws of Hong Kong. The Company operates in Hong Kong and complies with all Hong Kong laws and regulations. All products provided by the company comply with the requirements and specifications of all laws in Hong Kong. We can not ensure that these products comply with the specific legal requirements and specifications of the customers’ locations. Regarding the delivery service of the order, our company has proposed freight service company. However, you may also choose other shipping services or shipping companies. You are welcome to contact us or arrange your own shipping service. The company’s products and transportation costs in Hong Kong dollars, all orders are traded in Hong Kong dollars. Order Terms Our order terms and conditions are found on our Ordering and Shipping Terms, and all ordering practices are subject to these Terms and Conditions. Shipping  The order delivery service, the company has a proposed delivery service. Your rights in the delivery of the goods are governed by the terms and conditions of the relevant shipping company. You may request to refer to these terms and conditions. If you choose to use the company’s proposed distribution company, on behalf of the company agreed to entrust the company to handle all the freight for you. The Company will not be responsible for any act or misconduct of the relevant shipping company. The Company hereby declares that it will not assume the risks and liabilities arising from your use of the relevant shipping company. However, you are free to use other shipping services or shipping companies for delivery. If you choose a shipping company other than our recommendation, please call our Customer Service Representative at +852 2739 7278 or email to cs@abyssebeauty.com.hk during office hours. If you choose other trucking companies, it may take longer shipping time. Free Delivery If your order achieved the total order net value, and also use the company’s proposed shipping company delivery service, the Company will be on their behalf to pay shipping costs. Your order will be entitled to our designated free shipping service. Our Trademarks, Service Marks and Copyrights Abysse Beauty, Abysse, belongs to Gimmick House Concept Ltd., its affiliates and affiliates, and they reserve all their rights. All images, designs, logos, service marks and trademarks inside www.abyssebeauty.com.hk must not be used for any purpose without the permission of www.abyssebeauty.com.hk or affiliates or affiliates. In addition, all trademarks, product names, company names and logos appearing on www.abyssebeauty.com.hk are the exclusive property of Gimmick House Concept Ltd. and its individual owners. All www.abyssebeauty.com.hk includes any changes, abstractions, collections, reorganizations and assemblies of design, articles, images, logos, button buttons, images, software and sound materials which are subject to copyright and any citation by Hong Kong and international copyright Protected by intellectual property laws. All software used on www.abyssebeauty.com.hk is the property of www.abyssebeauty.com.hk or its providers and is protected by the Hong Kong and International Copyright Institutes and any applicable intellectual property laws. The Use of Website This website is currently used only for providing online information and for shopping media purposes. All content on this site may not be distributed for any commercial purpose (including reproduction, transmission, distribution, sale, play, distribution, re-publication, rewriting, or re-transmission in the same format or technology). Information on this site may only be used in a legal manner. All information that violates the terms of this website may not be posted or transmitted. Www.abyssebeauty.com.hk reserves the right (but no obligation or liability ) Prohibit and remove this information. Prohibition of Resale All products sold on www.abyssebeauty.com.hk are for sale to the consumer and may not be resold for any commercial purposes. If we have any doubt about the intended use of the ordered product, we will refuse to sell the product. Product Ownership, Import Documents and Fees When www.abyssebeauty.com.hk ships the product, the ownership of the product and the risk of loss will be transferred from you to www.abyssebeauty.com.hk. www.abyssebeauty.com.hk will deliver the product at your request. If the products are shipped to a region or country outside Hong Kong, you may need to pay surcharges, taxes or to register or apply for an import license for the products to the place of destination or transshipment, depending on shipping Www.abyssebeauty.com.hk does not control or anticipate the number of such charges and www.abyssebeauty.com.hk will not be liable for any claims for such money or documents. Www.abyssebeauty.com.hk will not be liable for any loss whatsoever if the product is detained by the relevant authorities at the destination and in transit during transportation. If you complete the relevant ordering process, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and be responsible for any surcharges, taxes or import documentation you may have on your order. If the final product is returned, ownership of the product will be revoked to www.abyssebeauty.com.hk and www.abyssebeauty.com.hk will charge 15% of the total product to cover the cost of shipping loss. Disclaimer This site and its contents are provided on the basis of available information. To the best of your current law, www.abyssebeauty.com.hk expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied (except as may be implied by applicable law), including but not limited to ownership of any product, commercial MERCHANTABILITY, QUALITY ASSURANCE, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND NONINFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTY RIGHTS. www.abyssebeauty.com.hk does not warrant that the information, materials, products and / or services provided on this site will be in accordance with your requirements and that there is no guarantee that such information, materials, products and / or services will be used and obtained Interfering, timely delivery, safe and reliable or free of mistakes. www.abyssebeauty.com.hk does not warrant the correctness, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the results obtained from the use of the information, materials, products and / or services provided by this website. www.abyssebeauty.com.hk also does not guarantee that any errors in the software and hardware will be corrected. www.abyssebeauty.com.hk makes no warranty as to any products or services purchased or obtained through or through this site. www.abyssebeauty.com.hk only provides online shopping site, www.abyssebeauty.com.hk will not be used because of this site, or because of this site contains or otherwise through this site to provide content, information, DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, EXEMPLARY, PUNITIVE, DAMAGES (INCURRED IN CASH AND NON-INFRINGEMENT) AND / OR FOR ANY LOSSES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE THE PRODUCTS AND / OR SERVICES OR ANY LOSSES ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE PURCHASE OR USE OF THE PRODUCTS PURCHASED ONLINE legal liability. Before using any of the products purchased at www.abyssebeauty.com.hk, be careful to read the product information, usage, and notices provided on the product or in the package by the manufacturer, the owner, or the seller, and www.abyssebeauty.com.hk does not The accuracy, completeness, reliability, and suitability, quality and reliability of any information provided or reproduced on these manufacturers, shippers or sellers or www.abyssebeauty.com.hk for any particular use Any responsibility, you should carefully analyze the information before use. Although www.abyssebeauty.com.hk has done its best to show the true colors and colors of the products, we can not guarantee that your computer can display it accurately. Compensation and Limitation of Liability If you use www.abyssebeauty.com.hk for any breach of these Terms and Conditions or any action resulting in the loss of www.abyssebeauty.com.hk, you agree to indemnify and indemnify www.abyssebeauty.com.hk for any damages, expenses , Destruction and costs (including reasonable legal fees). You agree that www.abyssebeauty.com.hk will not be liable for any damages incurred by you as a result of the use of this website, and you agree to waive any compensation for www.abyssebeauty.com.hk. If this statement does not apply to the individual examples, www.abyssebeauty.com.hk will not exceed the amount of your purchase of goods or services on this site. Other Website Links www.abyssebeauty.com.hk will provide links to other sites, and when you choose these links, you will leave this site. 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You may also send us notices by email and mail to us at Room 2, 7 / F, Block B, Mei Hing Industrial Building, 16-18 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong Terms of Revision These terms of use (including the terms and conditions of support) will be modified as and when necessary, so please read the Terms of Use and Ordering Terms carefully before you shop on this site. Legal supervision These Terms of Use, including the terms and conditions of support, will be governed by the laws of Hong Kong and understood under the laws of Hong Kong SAR. You agree that the courts of Hong Kong SAR shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute and recovery of the Terms of Use and Order Terms right. The English version prevails if there is any discrepancy between the Sino-British content on the website (including all privacy policies and terms of use). Last Update On:2018年1月31日