Moisturizing And Lifting Facial Oil


  • E.O.: Benzoin, Rosemary, Frankincnese, Rosa Damascna, Geranium Rosa, Palmarosa
  • Carrier Oil: Rose Hip, Mary Gold, Jojoba
  • Volume: 15ml

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French 100% Organic Essential Oil and Carrier Oil

  • Moisturizing and firming facial essence oil can effectively repair and tighten the skin, improve water retention
  • Rosehip oil can soothe skin cells
  • Mary Gold oil can enhance skin defense
  • Precious Rosa Damascna can increase skin water retention.
  • Palmarosa can promote cell regeneration, restore skin moisturizing state
Usage After normal skin care, apply 3-4 drops of essential oil  to the palm of your hand. Apply it evenly to both sides of the face and the back of the ear. Massage with lymphatic massage, massage from bottom to top back and forth to completely absorb essential oils.  

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