package_3 黃金藻面膜x2_480 黃金藻精華乳_2
package_3 黃金藻面膜x2_480 黃金藻精華乳_2

【SPECIAL PROMOTION】Algae Moisturizing & Firming Package

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Algae Moisturizing & Revitalizing Mask

  • Ingredients: Algae Essence, Truffle and Black Caviar
  • Keep skin moisturized, restore skin with elasticity
  • Volume:30ml x 2

Algae Firming Cream

  • Ingredients:Algae,Truffle, Black Caviar, Cactus and Golden Lotus Compound Extraction
  • Suitable to use lotions firstly, then use Abysse Algae Revitalizing Essence and Algae Firming Cream to tender skin to get better effect
  • Deeply moisturizing, restore skin elasticity and firmness with anti-aging effect
  • Volume:50ml


Moisturizing Algae Collection

Algae Moisturizing & Revitalizing Mask

  • Moisturizing, nourishing and whitening
  • The main reason why this product can win affection from celebrities is that the mask contains a variety of precious natural ingredients, including French deep-sea algae essence, truffle and black caviar
  • The cosmetology team spent a lot of time to develop, challenge to enhance moisturizing ingredients constantly and help skin moisturizing, smoothing, anti-aging and restoring elasticity

Algae Firming Cream

  • A leading skincare product which the texture is between emulsion and cream, can quickly penetrate the skin because of its small molecules
  • Except for the French natural algae, truffle and black caviar, the product adds cactus and golden lotus compound extraction, which penetrate the bottom of the skin effectively through a unique form of micro capsule coated carrier so that it let the skin possess excellent repair ability, enhance the sense of bright, smooth wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and firmness, anti-aging effect,etc.
  • If you want to have a pure, clean and vright face, you should use lotions firstly, and then use Abysse Algae Revitalizing Essence and Algae Firming Cream to tender skin, which can get better effect

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